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The projects that are supported by 50 Foundation all welcome volunteers.  We recommend contacting them well in advance of the time when you are considering volunteering, to make sure they have suitable roles for you to undertake and have the necessary leaders working at the projects during that period.

Volunteer to change lives

Volunteering via 50 Foundation provides a unique, life-changing experience.  By offering your skills on site you can continue the work that 50 Foundation donors have started and get the chance to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged people who are being helped by projects in areas of need.  In India, for example, teaching new skills to the men, women and children being supported by the Asha Jyothi Foundation is key to its success.  Projects may also benefit from help ‘behind the scenes’.

When you agree to volunteer with us you become part of the wider 50 Foundation community.  We hope that as a 50 Foundation volunteer you will share your life-changing stories and photographs on our facebook page when you return, so that donors and other potential volunteers can see the difference that 50 Foundation is making.

About volunteering with 50 Foundation projects

When you volunteer to work with any projects supported by 50 Foundation you will need to arrange and pay for all travel and accommodation along with other expenses such as insurance and healthcare needs.  We can put you in touch with the projects but your trip will need to be entirely self-financed as the projects that we sponsor do have spare funds to feed or accommodate volunteers.

Before committing to a voluntary post at the projects in India or Africa, we recommend that you:

  • Contact the relevant country’s embassy to investigate travel arrangements (such as passport and visa requirements) and health advice (such as inoculations).
  • Check the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Offices for useful information including advice on safety and security, local laws and customs.
  • Check what medical and insurance cover you will need: the NHS Choices website has a useful section on healthcare while abroad.

All of this should be done in plenty of time before any planned trip, to give you enough time to sort out paperwork, have any vaccinations and start taking any medicines you may need.

Finally, when you are volunteering at one of our projects, we ask for complete commitment.  Depending on the tasks you are involved with, this will probably mean contributing full-time during your stay.  However, if you are volunteering abroad we encourage you to experience more of the country while you are there, so do try to find the time to do some sightseeing before or after your volunteering period.

Contact us if you would like to know more about volunteering at one of our projects.